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Jfk Re Write Essay

  • Submitted by: jlharmon96
  • on February 17, 2012
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Jacey Harmon
                                              JFK Re- Write

  President John F. Kennedy uses anaphora, asyndenton and the use of metaphors in his persuasive speech to extend the space program at Rice University in Houston, Texas in 1962.
  JFK uses anaphora to grab the readers attention as he says, “...rode the first waves of the industrial revolution, the first waves...the first waves...” President Kennedy presents the use of anaphora to show the U.S.A's success and power. The use of repetition in the form of anaphora enforces upon the reader that our country has been the leader in new inventions in the past and will continue to be in the future if our space program is extended. Just as the Soviet Union wants to extend their space program, John F. Kennedy wants to extend the United States' space program and unbury new finds first in space. He also uses anaphora to express that we will discover first, not slow down, and keep pressing forward in that which seems as a competition against the Soviet Union. We will lead the pack. We as a country will not slack in the coming age of space.
  President Kennedy illustrates many instances and scenarios to the reader in the form of metaphors. “We set sail on this new sea...”- the metaphor compares the United States' new exploration in space to a boat setting sail on the unknown sea. Just as a boat sailing on the unknown and dangerous waters, America is new to flying in the dangerous and unknown stratosphere. Like the boat, America is striving for new discoveries, seeking new knowledge. As the boat searching the sea, our country is yearning to bring back new discoveries and findings first, ahead of the Soviet Union. JFK is like the captain of the boat, directing which way and how far our space program will sail.
  In the speech, the use of asyndeton affects the reader by placing...

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