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Jimi Hendrix Essay

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  • on January 27, 2013
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Jennifer M. Fontana
“Jim Hendrix”
History of Rock and Roll

The biggest misconception about Jim Hendrix is how he died.   He died in London. His body was laid to rest at Greenwood Memorial Park in Renton, Washington.   He died on September 18, 1970.   The initial reports concerning his death insinuated a drug overdose.   If someone were asked why Jim Hendrix died the common response would be drug overdose, a typical rockers death. I thought the same thing.   But what really happened is even better.   Jimi Hendrix was on his European tour.   He had returned to London to talk to Chas Chandler and Eric Burdon about leaving Michael Jeffrey as his manager.   Jim Hendrix was always known as being very sexual and having a lot of partners.   He was having an affair with Eric Burdon’s wife, Angie, at that time and they also got into several physical altercations about it.   At that time he had left New York where he was seeing Devon Wilson.   He traveled to London where he was seeing Monika Mannesmann also.   He attended a party the night before his death where Devon surprised him.   Monika was on the buzzer downstairs trying to get in.   They wouldn’t let her in.   Finally around 3 a.m.   Jimi left with Monika.   According to her, she made them dinner, they drank red wine, made love and she gave Jimi Hendrix sleeping pills to sleep because he was so tired.   He went to bed.   She followed later.   She awoke in the morning to get cigarettes.   He was asleep.   When she came back the ambulance was there.   Except, no one was there when the ambulance arrived.   None even arrived at the hospital to see his status.   He was found dead in her flat at the Samarqand Hotel garden suite.   The door was left wide open.   Someone had phoned the ambulance from the pay phone across the street from the hotel.   The ambulance had to phone the police because they didn’t know who it was.   There was so much red wine and through up everywhere.   He was dead on arrival to St. Mary’s Abbot...

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