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Jims Perceptiopn Essay

  • Submitted by: twheeler67
  • on August 6, 2015
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1. Describe Jim’s self-concept.
A: The perception of Jim’s self-concept is he feels that he is giving his all but it just is not enough. His parents feel that he is capable of making better grades if he were to stop partying with his friends he would live up to his parents expectations.
2. Explain, using examples from the video and course concepts, how Jim’s self-concept impacted his interaction with his father. Was it positive or negative?
A: Jim’s self-concept impacted his interaction with his father in a negative way. Jim would fall under the attributional errors in his self-concept and his the impact on his interaction with his father. He feels that his parents have unrealistic expectations of him and that his father is a brilliant guy and breezed through college. Jim made further comments that he likes to hang out with his friends and no matter how much studying he does he is still not going to get all A’s.
3. Apply the process of perception, starting on p. 64 to explain the interaction between Jim and his father.
A: There is a lot of mind reading going on in the process of perception between Jim and his father. Jim’s father thinks that Jim is out partying when he should be studying and Jim thinks that college came easy to his father.
4. Offer two tips for Jim and two tips for his father, using the guidelines for improving perception and communication (starting on p.79) and explain how these tips could be applied in an effective way.
A: I would recommend that both avoid mind reading, Jim is assuming that college was easy for his Dad, and Jim’s dad is assuming that Jim is partying more than he is studying.
I would also recommend that both invest in Perception Checking, this would help both of them come to a mutual understanding of their relationship and each other. Perhaps Jim’s father could say “how much study time are you putting in?” or Jim could ask “ what are some study tips that you could give me dad?”
I would suggest Jim not to use...

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