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Jk; Lj Essay

  • Submitted by: kckcjl94
  • on August 4, 2015
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Television and Movie Behavior Essay

The influence of movies and television has long been debated. While most of the discussions focus on the impact that these images have on children, a large portion of the conversation centers on the correlation of violent images and scenes with real life tragedy.
It's been shown that children who view violent images on television often exhibit more aggressive tendencies. Children are constantly learning about their environment and the world in general, some of their first understanding of social situations and language can come from these sources. They have been found to make children believe the world is extremely scary, and that they are in constant fear of harm. Even as far as into early adulthood, television and film still play a significant role on how ideas are formed about gender, race, and everything in between.
While the solution to these issues is an ongoing debate, some experts believe that having no television interaction whatsoever is the safest method. Others feel that limited or even controlled amounts, with emphasis on educational entertainment would work better. The one thing that can't be denied is that by the age of 18, it's estimated that children will have seen around 200,000 violent acts from television and movies. The one thing that isn't talked about is that many of these acts are performed by the protagonist or "hero" of the story. This brings up even more complicated issues about morality and how it plays out in both real and fictional life. The best and most tested deterrent is having a parent that is interested and active in their child's development and content viewing.

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