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Job Analysis

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  • on August 19, 2015
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Job Analysis
Kimberly Hollis
March 3, 2015
Monica Burns

Job Analysis
      When describing jobs and the necessities to perform them, it is commonly known as job analysis. Through job analysis information is gathered in many different ways. The common methods used are interviews, observations, and questionnaires plus other specialized tactics. These common tactics are often incorporated with each other depending on the organization and situation they might have.
      Through industrial and organizational psychology, psychologist are able to deliver research that Human Resource managers use in creating approaches and decisions. Management in Human Resource play a huge role in any organization because it is that manager that will control the company pertaining to employees and finances. By the procedures, policies, and company standards set by HR management, they are able to dictate the behaviors only allowed in that specific workplace. The five components used in HR management include organizational culture, planning for a change, training and development, health and safety, and recruitment and retention. Organizational culture involves working norms, values, company vision, beliefs, and habits that companies supports. Planning for change helps stabilize the company where there are less losses as possible involving the company.   Training and development maintains an individual’s skills, keeping it fresh while continuing to supply the knowledge of any innovative ideas pertaining to the company. Health and safety decreases the chances of dangerous accidents, discrimination, and any kind of harassment eliminating any legal action that can be used against the company. Recruitment and retention involves employee selection. The Human Resource managers are responsible for hiring qualified employees pertaining to the job descriptions. Once comprehending these five components both business owners and managers are able to effectively structure the business...

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