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John Donne Essay

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  • on October 19, 2013
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Poetic treatment, complexities of love, central concerns → satisfying manner?? Do they resonate with your own interpretation??

The Elizabethan world was viewed as a classicist time with certain order, hence   maintaing the same structure of rules and regulations with the chain of being. John Donne explores the main complexities of love and the way in which you do not only need spiritual love but can also experience it physically. John Donne expresses the central concerns through the poems “The canonization” and “to his mistress going to bed”.

Donne engages his audience through his subversion of the traditional complexities of love. The Elizabethan view of love at that time was the ideas that in order to achieve the ultimate expression of love it must be through the concept of “agape” love. Donne challenges this perception in “to his mistress going to bed”: “As souls unbodied bodies unclothed must be to taste whole joys” the use of the simile helps the audience understand that euphoric love is not only achieved through spiritual connection but also through physical actions. This idea is further conveyed in “the canonization”. The irony of the title exemplifies the religious allusion in becoming saintly which in turn, elevates humans to levels of godliness. In “ we are made such by love” the use of a hyperbole suggests that love has created them. Donne also uses a anaphora and repetition of love to convey the importance of love by   expressing to the reader that humans also need love.

Donne's concept on the complexities of love are seen in both the poems. In “the canonization” we see that he challenges his attitudes to love and asks the question of what the harm is in loving. “we die and rise the same, and prove Mysterious by this love” it shows how he conveys the allusion to resurrection which connects lovers to godliness. Also conveyed in “to his mistress going to bed” the use of a metaphor in the quote “In this love's hallow'd temple, this soft bed.” He...

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