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Journal Essay

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  • on November 12, 2012
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Principle of substantial equivalence
Generally recognized as safe (GRAS)
Food adive against gmos

According to Mary Meeker, former Wall Street securities analyst primarily associated with the Internet, the mobile market is changing at a great peace. There are three main points that are critical for mobile marketing:

Mobile is blurring the PC

The number of PCs has been declining significantly in comparison to the number of mobile devices. In fact, Meeker believes that tablets and smartphones will outweigh the number of computers. A research conducted by Meeker shows that by the end of 2013 there would be 2.4 times as many mobile operating system products than desktop computers and laptops. This implies that there will be about 160 Android devices, 80 million iOS devices, and 100 million Windows devices shipping per quarter.

Tablets cannot be ignored

The adoption of tablets has been increasing in comparison to smartphones. Statistics from Meeker’s review in May 2012 prove that iPad adoption is now five times as high as iPhones. In addition, according to a market research conducted by IDC, Apple’s tablet market has been growing so fast that by the third quarter of this year its share was 50.4%, shipping 14 million iPads worldwide.

Apple is not enough

Most companies have been focusing on Apple due to the vast amount of users the company has. But the reality is that the adoption of Android smartphone is growing six times faster than the iPhone. As a result, there are huge opportunities in the Android market to create a business.

So if you have been ignoring mobile devices is time for you to move on and began focusing on these devices that offer a lot of chances for your business to grow. You have to also realize that tablets represent a huge share of the mobile market and you need to manage your budget to deliver services through these mediums. Finally, remember that Apple does not represent the whole market and you need to acknowledge the...

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