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Journal Essay

  • Submitted by: ccamara
  • on January 27, 2013
  • Category: English
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How does society condition or train the individual To think
      the same? 

      I feel that society forces and brainwashes us humans  to
      think the same in many ways. They mainley persuade  you
      through the media, your parents, the
      government, friends, and even school.

      Society makes people think and look the same through media
      buy telling the world they need to buy something because its
      the new look or you have to look a certain way, society trys
      to make you eat a certain food or eat at a certain restaurant
      or fast food place that they say is healthy for you when it
      really isn't. You look at magazines, watch the television and
      may drive or walk by posters, and it tells you " the new 2012
      clothing style". It makes it sound so convincing to us humans
      that if we don't get it then were not good enough people
      won't admire us and that what it comes down to, people caring
      all the time. While there advertising the new clothes they
      hire skinny models to advertise for them which everyone looks
      at and say I need to look like that for people to like me. So
      they try to go on a diet where they see commercials and
      advertisments saying "McDonald's now serving fruit salads"
      even "100% pure Canadian beef" but really is it healthy just
      because they say it is. Parents make us kids think the same
      by trying to control our lives by saying we have go to
      school and college and get a job and basically do it their
      way. They may be trying to look out for us but they don't
      know if that's what we actually want what our opinion is.
      Parents and there kids disagree on most things espeacally
      when the sons or daughters friends get involed. Mostly with
      pure pressure friends can make you do things u may not want
      to do and that your parents really don't want you to do. But
      to fit...

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