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Journal Entry 4 Essay

  • Submitted by: dreeder9
  • on January 27, 2013
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January 26, 2013
Journal Entry 4

A recent problem or event that has happened to me would be, I didn’t get my water bill paid on time.
IC: I didn’t get my water bill paid on time because; I’m bad at time management.
IG: It’s true; I tend to put things off until the last minute. But I’m learning the hard way that this will get me nowhere and just complicates things.
IC:   I didn’t get it paid on time because I’m dumb.
IG: Although it was dumb of me not to get my bill paid before doing anything else. I now know that my bills needs paid before anything else or I will be without my most important resources!
IC: I didn’t get it paid because I’m lazy.
IG: It’s somewhat true; I didn’t get my bills paid before focusing on anything else.
ID: I didn’t get my water bill paid on time because my kids were too distracting.
IG: Although two small children are very distracting, that’s no excuse for missing any deadline or having a bill be late.
ID: I didn’t get it paid because there wasn’t enough time.
IG: There was plenty of time; I just didn’t use my available time wisely.
ID: I didn’t get it paid on time because my phone didn’t work.
IG: It’s true my phone was broken. But there’s no reason I couldn’t just go into the water company myself and pay it there instead of over the phone.

In reading and writing about my inner conversations, I have discovered that I make to many excuses for myself and that I just need to put my most important priorities first and manage my time better so that I don’t run into these type of problems again.

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