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Journalism Essay

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In my opinion the word “success” has multiple peaks and valleys and not one ultimate pinnacle. I believe one small step is a stepping stone to another one. Hence, only in the course of life experience through one’s ups and downs a person will eventually be able to make his own success. Certainly, in many ways success depends on what is happening in one’s life. The short-term goals along with the long-term goals give a person a feeling of how it is important in the beginning of journey to find the right path.. A new graduated college defines success differently than my father or me. For example, if success for one is to get a good position, it is a successful business for another, or to be admitted to the University for other, and so forth.   Because success can then be partially defined as an ongoing realization and obtainment of worthy desired results, concerning actions, life, business, wealth, or a worthy ideal. True success is only possible when one’s heart is deeply connected to his inner goal. It is passion. It is what people die for. It is why some people explode out of the gates and create success easily, and the others struggle all their life. These people are often operating on a whole different realm of success and action.
Perhaps, success goes side by side with a failure. Due to the felt consequent failures, people trying to do their best, put their all efforts, and do their best, up to their last breath, in order to success, not to failure. Only a person who felt failures and collapses, felt the real humiliating and despising condition of it, and would do everything to avoid it.   Having mentioned success, I can’t stand without noticing my own failures. During the several years, despite of my all provided efforts I could not help myself to avoid of failures. Perhaps, having undergone failure, I have learnt attain benefits from undergone failures, and began to appreciate any chance given to me. From every failure, I attained a lesson that made me more...

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