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Julius Caesar Essay

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  • on January 24, 2013
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The cause of Julius Caesar’s death was by the conspirators including Brutus who   thought by killing him, they might have a chance to return Rome back to it’s state except for Cassius who only thought for himself by killing Caesar he would gain power that he never had. However, Brutus makes a risky decision to save Rome from it’s corruption.

The first effect was after Caesar got assassinated by the conspirators at the Capitol. Antony, a close friend of Caesar decided to become friends with the conspirators only to get back at them, mainly Brutus and Cassius for killing Caesar. Brutus lets him into their circle while Cassius disapprove of it. Antony shakes hand with the conspirators to learn their names and faces so in the future, he’ll remember who to get back at. Like in the play: "Let each man render me his bloody hand" (3.1.194)

The second effect to Caesar’s death was when Brutus gave a speech to the crowd at Caesar’s funeral and convince them that Caesar needed to die for their own good sake and Rome’s. Antony steps up and gave his speech, twisting words here and there, turning the crowd against Brutus and Cassius, convincing them that Brutus and Cassius were traitorous murderers for ripping the town apart by killing Caesar. Like in the play: “They were traitors: honourable men” (3.2.154)

The third effect was Brutus and Cassius agreeing to go to war against Antony and Octavius with their troops at Philippi. Cassius who was defeated by Antony then committed suicide after hearing false news that Brutus also faile. Brutus also commits suicide by having his friends stab him rather than be taken back to Rome and get humiliated by the public and execution. Like in the play: “Night hangs upon mine eyes; my bones would rest,That have but labour'd to attain this hour” (5.5.41-42)

All of these effects wouldn’t exist if the conspirators didn’t assassinate Julius Caesar, Cassius hunger for power, Brutus falling for Cassius’ trap and Antony wouldn’t be...

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