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Juvenile or Adult? Essay

  • Submitted by: Crenz12
  • on November 12, 2012
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A Juvenile or Adult?

With all the crimes committed today in the United States, teenagers and also young adults carry the highest rates according to the Bureau of Justice Statistics. The crimes committed consist of robberies, burglaries, thefts, threats and some murders. Before sentencing, the question that goes back and forth is if wither they are to be tried as a juvenile or adult. Through personal opinions and experience, kids up to seventeen should not be tried as adults, because even though they should know right from wrong at that age, there minds are still not fully developed to completely understand how serious the consequences.
History tells it, a juvenile used to be held to the same standard as adults prior to the 17th century in Europe. Unlike today, it was said that Europeans thought that childhood ended at the age of five. If that statement was made today in our country, it would be nothing more then a laughing matter. That shows how much change our justice system in this world has gone through within the 18th and 19th century. In that era, many laws created then are still in existent today. In today’s society, our criminals are based on their own actions within the law itself. To be a criminal in today’s society, the criminal must be caught committing the crime in the act, which is also known as actus reus. If they are not caught in the act, then they have to be caught with the intent to commit a criminal act, also known as mens rea. Finally, there is corpus delecti, and that is the interaction between the act and the intent to commit.
When a juvenile commits a crime, the court looks at the history of the criminal before a decision is made wither to trial as an adult or as a juvenile. Pass history depends on the background of the kid, if he has been arrested before, if the kid goes to school, health and most importantly, they also check out the family background. In the Juvenile court system, they don’t always put all the responsibility on the...

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