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Juveniles and Crime Essay

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  • on January 7, 2013
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Juveniles and Crime
According to the FBI’s Uniform Crime Reporting (CPU) Program, in 2008, approximately two million juveniles were arrested. Why are so many children committing crimes? It may be the lack of parental supervision or is it society labeling the youth before they have even become criminals. The Department of Justice provides statistics yearly to help in managing crime within this nation. In addition to the overall decrease in juvenile arrests between 1994 and 2008, there has been a steady increase in drug offenses and simple assaults. Included in the Crime in the United States2008 report are statistics for ethic and racial minority arrests and comparisons between male and female juveniles arrested for violent crimes.
The Violent Crime Index reports that in 2008 all racial groups had a very similar arrest rate.   In a larger view, more violent crimes were committed by black youth and white youth compared to the one percent for Asian and American Indian. Due to the larger scale of African Americans and Caucasians in the United States, the percentage in 2008 for violent crimes were recorded by the (UCR) reporting 47 percent arrests involved white youth and 52 percent arrests involved black youth. More specifically, the aggravated assault arrest rate increased four percent for black juveniles whereas the white rate declined nine percent, and the robbery rate increased more for black (56 percent) than for white juveniles (30 percent)   (Puzzanchera, 2009). When reporting drug abuse and simple possession the (CRU) program recorded that drug abuse arrests in 2008 were 78 percent more than in the 1990s. Simple assault arrest rates reached a greater percentage in 2008 than in 1980 for all racial groups. Even though the arrest rates are widely reported through ethnic and racial backgrounds, there is also statistical comparison between male and female juveniles committing violent crimes.
There were more than 600 thousand female youth under the age of 18...

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