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Kentucky State Essay

  • Submitted by: eddy2Live
  • on October 4, 2012
  • Category: College Admissions
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Kentucky State University was a great pick for me as a college choice. There were a lot of different choices I had to pick from but Kentucky State had a lot more to offer. So I chose KSU because it was a HBCU, friends/relatives, and athletic program.
This school being an HBCU made my college choice easier because I always wanted to go to a black college. Then I wanted to get the black experience of different types of black people in a different environment. So that gives me a different look with different people. The student to teacher ratio is another reason why Kentucky State was a great choice for me because none of the classes are really big to were I feel like I can’t learn or the teacher is not given enough info to help me. Since I was young I was really never good with big classrooms because I couldn’t focus. The school really isn't that big it has approximately 2,300 students. So that means there is not gone be real busy and cluttered. That is better for me so I can focus and not be distracted from a lot of different things. Most of the time when there is a lot of people at one school it seems to be a lot of problems. Kentucky State has a great band and I wanted to play in the band. The band caught my attention when I came for a visit and that just added to my interest in the school.
Friends and relatives going to this school are a really good help for me because they can help with things that I don't know about. Another reason is because my cousin can show me the ropes, as a recent graduate from the school. So if I was to need help with anything she would know a lot more than I do so I wouldn't be lost like most freshmen are their freshman year at a new school. Then I had some friends that came along with me to college. Those coming along to college with me help me feel comfortable because I wouldn't have to be alone. Then another reason is we can all work together and help each other whenever it’s needed. I would say my grandparents were another reason...

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