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Kerr Case Essay

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1. About initial strategies
      a) Technical/economic feasibility studies should still be as one of the most important services that company provides resulted a money tree.
      b) It is better to carry out team-based consulting service nowadays.  
      c) Keeping relationship with blue-chip types, like GE or RCA. But do not pay less attention on the companies other than fortune 500, they will help catch more market share. The blue-chip types are a key for company to give impression that has distinctive expertise in these areas.
  2. About firm’s international strategy
      d) Pay too much effort to international projects resulted loss of domestic market
      e) The organization structure of an international company is missing. The price and the risk of the projects internationally are missing. As known as a good relationship with government or big companies, the price should be reasonable because there will be competitors around.
      f) The post-construction work, such as maintenance or adjustment, should be considered in. and the maintenance work or minor improvements can attribute additional revenue for the firm.
      g) For little jobs provided by the fortune 500, we could do subcontract to other eligible engineering firm to do this. And the firm could responsible for consulting or monitoring. They will do the construction part which is low risk and annoy.
  3. About 20-year gifting ownership.
      h) Yes, it is too generous and lasts too long. Ownership means to generate sustainable revenue for the firm. And the ownership should encourage him to contribute something to the firm.
      i) If he would like to act like a referee, the firm could offer some rewards based on the project.
  4. About the major setback suffering in 70s
      j) There are several questions upon:
        i. Why the key project manager left when the project was still in process.
        ii. The four outside directors seem not to contribute any resources...

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