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Kevin Essay

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  • on January 6, 2013
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SGT Forsythe
29 OCT 2012

History 1302.   Lesson 1 (Chapters 16-17) (2.0 points total)

Half point deduction for an error in spelling or capitalization. One point deduction for incorrect answer.

Fill-in-the-blanks (.10 per blank)
After the Burlingame Treaty (1) of 1868 there began a massive influx of Chinese immigrants to the United States. The introduction of the horse (2) by Cortes revolutionized the way the Plains Indians hunted and lived. The first monumental treaty dealing with the Plains Indians took place at Mendota Minnesota (3) in 1851, which treated each tribe as a de facto sovereign nation.   Red Cloud fought bravely against the U.S. Army in December 1866 resisting construction of the Bozeman Trail (4) across tribal hunting lands.   A landmark piece of legislation the Dawes Severalty Act of 1887(5) attempted with disastrous results, to herd Indian tribes onto reservations and force them into a life of agriculture. Most of the profits from gold and silver mines were in the West yielded   by Virginia City Nevada (6).   One-hundred and sixty acre plots were used to entice settlers to the West in 1862 with the passage of the Homestead Act (7). Beginning in 1850 the Land Grant Act of 1850 (8) supplied land grants to the railroads. Cattle needed abundant, range, grass, and water (9) in order to make profits. The Desert Land Act (10) was government legislation that often ended in fraud as 95% of the claimants failed to irrigate their lands. By the end of the nineteenth century The United States(11) was the world’s largest manufacturer surpassing both Germany and Great Britain in production. Stronger and more durable rails were built by using Steal (12), which was much reduced in cost by the 1870s. In addition to iron and steel, the latest advances in the oil (13) industry were acquired after chemical impurities were removed through heating processes.   Aside from his inventions such as the light bulb and 1000 patents to his credit, Edison is also credited...

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