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Kick Boxing Essay

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  • on September 18, 2012
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One very interesting form of a combat sport is kickboxing, why? Because

Kickboxing combines boxing, and martial arts together for strengthening your upper

and lower body and allows you to learn lower body offensive, and defense  

techniques. Kickboxing is a great way to get into shape, it gives you the ability to

strengthen different areas of your body, and it can overall help you to build stamina.  

      Kickboxing’s true roots age back to Asia 2,000 years ago. American competitive

Kickboxing was very popular in the 1970’s as well as the 1990’s, competitions  

were arranged and punches and kicks were actually thrown towards their

opponent. It is said kickboxing is a typed of martial arts that blends in with boxing

skills. It’s a great way for toughening up for life. Back in time Bruce lee combined his

fresh style of martial arts with boxing to create new workout routines.

      Although kickboxing is used for defense techniques there is currently a form of

kickboxing that focuses more on getting you into great shape and is a fun way of

working-out.   Cardio kickboxing It’s know as aerobic or cardiovascular which

combines elements of boxing, martial arts, aerobics, physical conditioning, and

toning. The benefit you can get for kickboxing is, besides it keeping you so fit it’s a

great way to burn about 500 calories per hour. It reduces and relieves stress, anger, and frustration. Kickboxing improves balance, coordination, and flexibility. After the

entire whole defense moves it helps you feel more confident.

      Finally, the targeted areas kickboxing focuses on it your arms, shoulders, abs,

thighs, and butt all in just one workout. It’s a great cardio workout its also good for

total body strengthening, works every major muscle, and forces you to use both

upper and lower body. Legs benefit greatly, kicking a heavy bag strengthens your

quadriceps, keening and kicking strengthens...

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