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Kinship of San Essay

  • Submitted by: Kourtneynicole21
  • on January 6, 2013
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We all wonder what other societies do and what they believe in or what their cultures are. So I am here today to provide you with some information and how our society is alike and different from the one I will be talking about today. My topic will be the kinship of San. I found this culture very interesting in many ways.
The San Kinship System
    The San are foragers who reside in the Kalahari Desert in Africa. The San people have survived and flourished here for thousands of years. In a foraging culture the people live in mobile groups called Bands (Nowark &and Laird, 2010). Typically, they move every few weeks to location were food and water is thriving. In foraging cultures continuous movement and the sharing of food and water are part of what builds kinship ties. These kinship ties build a greater sense of obligation to each other (Nowrak &and Laird, 2010). I will explore a general reciprocal kinship system between the San people. I will provide three examples of this kinship system to display how it affects the San culture.
General Reciprocal Exchange
    The San people live in a reciprocal economic system. This is defined as a mutual exchange of goods and services which occurs between members of a kinship group (Nowark &and Laird, 2010). To be more specific the San people live in a generalized reciprocity. A generalized reciprocity is a form of exchange where there are no expectations for an immediate return of an item in exchange for something else (Nowark &and Laird, 2010).  
Sharing of Food and Water
    One example of generalized reciprocal culture lived by the San is their sharing and pooling together of food gathered for the day with all members of the Band. This sharing helps to ensure the survival of the camp. For example, a hunter’s family will not go hungry if he is unable to make a kill. Another hunter who was successful will provide equal shares of his kill with all members of the camp. This generalized reciprocity is
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