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Kira Kira Review

  • Submitted by: Bdolla
  • on August 20, 2015
  • Category: Social Issues
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Kira Kira is a 2005 Newberry Medal, a New York Times Bestseller, and an ALA Notable book   awarded novel that was written by well established author   Cynthia Kadohata. This book is a realistic fiction that best explain the view of what it feels like to be an Asian and Asian American immigrant in society. The novel carries various of themes such as, tolerance, acceptance, immigration, grief, and loss. The novel describes the drastic change that the Takeshima family has to go through after the father losses his job; yet the entire story surrounds the two sisters Lynn and Katie who act as if they are   two peas in a pod.
The family takes their move from Iowa to the deep south of Georgia and the older sister, Lynn because very distant from her family. As most teenagers do, Lynn makes a new friend name Amber and seems to have forgotten all about her sister Katie. As all little siblings feel when their older siblings find closer friends and seems to drift away from them, Kattie begins to feel lonely and misses her big sister. One day,out of the blue Lynn falls ill. In the story this is extremely strange because the family does not know what is wrong with her. Regardless of what they did and did not know, Kattie sticks by her sister. Whenever Lynn needed something, Katie was right there.
A true eye opening and heartfelt novel is the best way that I can describe it to be as. I personally enjoyed the book because I was able to connect my life experiences to both Lynn and Katie's experiences. I can mostly relate to Lynn because I know what its like to want to distance yourself from your family, wanting to make new friends, wanting to be around boys, take normal things to hard, and basically learn to understand life in a confusing manor. The book addresses teenage issues, coping with change, death, and loss in a very light but understandable manor. In order to fully grasp the moral lesson of the story, the audience must create a voice for the characters and put themselves...

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