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Kite Runner Redemption Essay Rough Draft

  • Submitted by: mariestyles
  • on October 4, 2012
  • Category: English
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Rough Draft
Often in novels, some characters are viewed as the bad person. In “The Kite Runner” by Khaled Housinni, the author introduces Amir to the readers as the main character of the story and also as a selfish boy who depicts acts of betrayal throughout the story.
From the audiences’ perspective, we can infer that Amir is a bad kid in the novel, but from the other character’s points of view in the story, they believe that Amir is the innocent charming young boy and his best friend/brother, Hassan, is known as the selfish bad kid. Hassan has always been a good friend to Amir; he is always taking his side, always sacrificing himself and most of all being there when Amir needs him. Amir obviously knows that Hassan will in fact do anything for him so he takes him for granted and eventually betrays the boy during the early years of their childhood. Amir knows that even when he was nothing but a ten year old boy, he constantly convinces that all the good he has done is his work when it is actually Hassan.   As Amir gets older, he tends to realize all the bad that he’s done to Hassan when he has been nothing but a good friend to him. Amir wanting to redeem himself from his past knows that he has to be good and do what’s right for himself and for the sake of Hassan.
Later down the road, Amir decides to redeem himself as a person and make everything right again. Amir believes that his next action will led him to redemption. He adopts Hassan’s son, Sohrab, after discovering Hassan’s death. Amir seeks redemption through Sohrab as an effort for trying to gain Hassan’s forgiveness. Amir discovers how badly he treated Hassan in their past, that he wants to make up for it. I personally do not believe that Amir finds redemption because although he wants to redeem himself, he is only thinking of himself again. He never adopts Sohrab out of the goodness of his heart but out of the thought he has when he thinks Sohrab is the answer for redemption. Amir is right on the...

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