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Kokoro Essay

  • Submitted by: magus57890
  • on February 19, 2012
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Kokoro Paper
The Meiji Era in Japan is credited with ushering the country into the modern world under the now centralized power of the Imperial throne.   This unification, “put the Emperor Meiji at the very center of the political order”, essentially creating him as a symbol for the birth of modern Japan.   With the Emperor’s death in 1912, this would end the Meiji Era in Japan, which is also the setting for the novel Kokoro, by Natsume Soseki. This novel is essentially about a character, who narrates in 1st person about his life and interaction with an older friend of his which he calls Sensei.   It deals with many different thematic ideals of the Meiji Era, including family dynamics, loneliness, and other products of this modern age.   However, many argue that part three of the novel, which is a testament to the narrator from Sensei about his life and decision to commit suicide, as symbolically capturing the passing of the Meiji Era.   Though very little of this book as to do with the Emperor or the Meiji government, Kokoro does strongly show the passing of the Meiji Era in Japan.   The aspects of Sensei’s testament including his remarks on the industrialization and change in society, his reverent comments about the Emperor, and his focus on the future of the narrator serve as powerful ways of indicating the passing of his own Era, the Meiji Era.
In Sensei’s testament, he constantly remarks about how life was different for him as a university student in Tokyo then to the narrator’s current life as a student.   This is extremely evident when he makes comments indicating the change industrialization has had on Tokyo.   Industrialization was a very important part to the Meiji government in the 1880’s and created to build the economic foundation of Japan, which is a key aspect in every modernizing nation.   Obviously Sensei’s remarks are not nearly as direct about the industrialization of the country, but he consistently remarks on little aspects of life that...

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