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L&T Balance Sheet Analysis

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L&T finance was the first issue out of the parent company L&T group from the time L&T group was formed and listed in the indian stock market. L&T finance have gathered nearly 26000 corer                    
1.Adjusted EPS (Rs) | : | | | | |
Mar 2011(Rs) :63.84
Mar 2010(RS): 51.00
Mar 2009(Rs): 45.05
Mar 2008(Rs): 69.13
Mar 2007(Rs): 49.36
Comment: We can see that there was a fall in earning per share in the year 2009 from 69Rs to 49Rs which was a bad sign for the company and it was due to increase in number of equity share, but again the EPS is riseing, but this time the is riseing constant and there is no sudden rise in EPS. Hence this is and good indication for the companies growth and company is in healthy passion.
| | | | | |
2.Adjusted cash EPS(Rs):
Mar 2011(Rs):73.68
Mar 2010(Rs):57.88
Mar 2009(Rs):50.28
Mar 2008(Rs):76.37
Mar 2007(Rs):55.01

Comment: As we saw in the case of adjusted EPS its was falling in the year 2009 due the rise in share capital hence the same happened with the adjusted cash ratio but now the ratio is increasing substantialy   which is the good sign for the company. We can say that company is in healthy passion in terms of adjustd cash ratio.
3. Reported EPS(Rs):Mar 2011: 65.01Mar 2010: 72.66Mar 2009: 59.45Mar 2008: 74.35Mar 2007: 49.53Comments: The change in reported EPS   is same as the change in adjusted EPS and   adjusted cash EPS which is   due to issue of shares in the year 2007-2008. | | | | | |
4. Report cash EPS (Rs):   | | | | | |
Mar 2011: 74.85 Mar 2010: 79.54Mar 2009: 64.67Mar 2008: 81.59Mar 2007: 55.18Comment: Report cash EPS is having   same movement as with adjusted EPS and adjusted cash EPS and the fall is due to increase in number of shares in the year 2008-2009.5. Dividend paid:   Mar 2011: 14.50   Mar 2010: 12.50   Mar 2009: 10.50   Mar 2008: 17.00   Mar 2007: 13.00Comment: Dividend paid but the company is...

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