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Lab Report

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A common use of heat reactions is in the winter time when salt is applied to highways and bridges in the winter to keep them from freezing. Another use is using rock salt to lower the temperature of the ice when making ice cream. A system is a group of interacting elements forming a complex whole. There were many outside surroundings such as the air in the room, the lightening of the room, the table we used to prepare the experiment and the use of our hands in the lab also. In this experiment our first system consisted of ice and CaCl2 in System A which was beaker #1. System B which was beaker #2 consisted of ice and rock salt. Energy is being released into the environment and the system itself should get colder begin an exothermic reaction. The purpose of this lab is to see which of the systems lowered the temperature of our solutions.

  * 2 100mL beakers (2 systems A&B)
  * 160 mL of ice
  * 5 ml of CaCl2
  * 5 mL of rock salt
  * Thermometer
Outside Surroundings
      * Air
      * The lightening of the room
      * The table
      * Our hands

The first thing we did was divided 160mL of ice into 2 100mL beakers which was 80mL of ice in each beaker. The initial temperature of the ice was 0.5 degrees Celsius in both beakers; we then converted the temperature from Celsius to 32.9 degrees Fahrenheit. In one beaker, we added 5mL of CaCl2 to 80mL of ice. Once the mixture in beaker #1 was added we began to stir it around for a minute until all the CaCl2 had dissolved. We recorded the temperature of ice with CaCl2 which we found to be -4 degrees Celsius and 24.8 degrees Fahrenheit. In beaker #2 we poured 5mL of rock salt into the other 80mL of ice. After a minute of stirring, we only saw that a little of the rock salt had dissolved. The temperature of the mixture in beaker #2 was recorded to be -9.5 degrees Celsius and 14.9 degrees Fahrenheit.

System A
Beaker 1 | Degrees Celsius...

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