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Lab Today Essay

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Due: Beginning of Next Lab Meeting                               Name____________________________

Lab Objectives
The main purposes of this lab are to allow you to gain experience with:
    1. Powers of ten and engineering notation.
    2. The Excel© program interface.
    3. Creating multiple spreadsheets in a single workbook.
    4. Entering data in a logical sequence.
    5. Entering formulas using the proper syntax.
    6. Creating and manipulating tables.
    7. Proper use of rulers and micrometers to measure physical dimensions.
    8. Calculations of surface area and volume.

Converting units is a common task in the engineering discipline.   The English system of measurement remains the most common used in the United States while most of the rest of the world has adopted the SI (metric) measurement system.   Incorrect conversion within each system and from one system to the other has resulted in numerous (and sometimes expensive) errors in engineering projects.

As a case in point, NASA lost a $125 million Mars orbiter in 1999 because of English to metric unit conversion.   Please take time to read:

Part I Engineering Notation

  1. Express the following quantities in the named multiple unit.

          2,820 ( _______________________________ K(

          3.76 x 10-4 H _______________________________ (H

          19.1 x 105 W _______________________________ MW

          1,520,000 Hz _______________________________ MHz

          18 x 107 ( _______________________________ M(

          0.0042 A _______________________________ mA

          6,940 V _______________________________ KV

          0.560 m _______________________________ mm

          7.2 x 10-9 F _______________________________ pF

          47.2 x 10-10 s _______________________________ ns
  2. Write the following measurements in...

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