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Language Analysis Animal Farm

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  • on August 4, 2015
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In Old majors’ speech in George Orwell’s Animal farm, with the audience of farm animals, old major, a well-respected and old pig, eagerly tries to convince the animals and succeeds in doing so that life on the farm, living in fear of death and being slaves, minus the presence of man would make all things better for them and to revolt against man.  
The Old Major used a huge amount of persuasive techniques in many different ways. He used emotive language to make the animals have an emotional, rather than a rational response to his speech.   He creates a number of ideas that he expresses to the animals to make them believe that the revolution is for the right ideas.
The first idea is that man is a parasite, a being who ‘consumes without producing’, lazy and weak. This sets up the central theme of injustice that such a creature should be lord of the strong and productive animals. This is reinforced by appealing to each individual set of animals. First the cows, who have given thousands of gallons of milk, then the hens who have laid eggs, then the horses and their foals, then the pigs, then the dogs. This makes the speech much more personal towards the animals as it makes it easier for them relate to because part of the speech is directed at them.
The second idea is that man is a threat, not just to the wellbeing of the animals but to their very lives as ‘no animal escapes the cruel knife in the end’. The hens’ eggs do not hatch into chickens, the pigs will “scream” their lives out at the block, when boxer’s muscles give out he will be sent to the knackers and when the dogs grow old ‘jones tires a brick round their necks and drowns them’. This idea is threatening towards the animals which gives them one more reason to agree to the revolution as they would feel threatened an uneasy if they did nothing to prevent their fate that the old major described.
As the speech goes on, Old Major builds up and up towards a huge climax. He almost...

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