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Language Techniques Essay

  • Submitted by: kungfu29
  • on October 20, 2013
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Below is an essay on "Language Techniques" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

Glossary of Literary Terms

|Alliteration                       |The repetition of the same consonant sound, especially at the beginning of words               |
|Allusion                           |A reference to another event, person, place or work of literature.   The allusion is usually     |
|                                   |implied rather than explicit and provides another layer of meaning to what is being said       |
|Ambiguity                           |Use of language where the meaning is unclear or has two or more possible meanings or           |
|                                   |interpretations.   It could be created by a weakness in the writer’s expression, but it is more |
|                                   |likely it is a deliberate device used by the writer to create layers of meaning                 |
|Anthropomorphism                   |The endowment of human characteristics to something that is not human                           |
|Assonance                           |The repetition of similar vowel sounds                                                         |
|Atmosphere                         |The prevailing mood created by a piece of writing                                               |
|Colloquial                         |Ordinary, everyday speech and language                                                         |
|Connotation                         |An implication or association attached to a word or phrase.   It is suggested or felt rather     |
|                                   |than being explicit                                                                             |
|Diction                             |The choice of words a writer uses.   Another word for “vocabulary”                               |
|Empathy                             |A feeling on the part of the reader of sharing the particular experience being described by the|
|                                   |character or writer...

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