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Last Moments on Titanic Essay

  • Submitted by: girlygirlg
  • on January 24, 2013
  • Category: English
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That night, it was pandemonium. The piercing screams, desperate yells and gunshots stayed in my mind. I was cold. So, cold. Yet I felt a remarkable dryness float around my body, like a force field of air, trapping all warmth inside, however, no warmth being trapped inside my body. My pale skin was hot and musty, but my insides were frozen to the core. Fluttering my eyes open, I tried not to get water into my eyes. I was lying, getting higher to the ceiling; it took me a while to realize what was happening. The ship was sinking. Then it hit me. I was about to die. I went under and tried to open my eyes, but the salt was stinging them badly, and the blood in the water was strong. Through one little glimpse I saw the metal door slightly ajar. I felt a wave of relief come over me, as I swam towards it. I yanked it open with all my strength left, and as I fought for my life I swam up to second class. I fell over as soon as I hit solid ground, fighting for my breath, but before I could I see it again. The water. The murky water filling up the ship. I was staggering up the stairs even though I knew I couldn't risk being caught up in the water again. As I kept looking back to see if it would catch me. I clung onto the rail, and found the willing strength in me to use my rickety legs to push me up to the deck. It took me a while, as I had to go the long way to avoid first class, because otherwise I would have to go down and wait to die. I tried to jump onto the lifeboat, but as I sent foot on it, a person grabbed me from behind. But, I didn't pay attention to him I noticed nothing apart from the agonizing screams and the frenzied yells of all the people. Then, that feeling came back. But there was no warmth inside me, just freezing cold pain. As the pain was running through my veins I clutched my stomach. There was something on my hands, and I looked at them. It was blood. My mind was a whirr and I looked down at my chest there was blood dripping onto my life jacket and a...

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