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Late Adulthood and Death Paper

  • Submitted by: eugenehinton
  • on October 7, 2012
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Late Adulthood and Death Paper
The Golden Years, a time in life that, by all accounts should be filled with contentment with the knowledge of a life well lived. A time when the younger generations reach out to the elders seeking advice and guidance, gleaned from decades of lessons learned and mistakes made.   The truth of the matter is that this is a time of life that a person is least understood and sadly in most cases dismissed as out of touch and incompetent.

The twilight years of life have inspired many titles for those fortunate enough to have survived life up to this point. These include Geriatric, Senior citizen, Elderly and Diapered Adults. Stereotypes of older adults are varied and the age of the persons stereotyping change as the age group becomes closer to their own age. “Most studies have found that older people view older adults more positively than do younger adults, although this has not been a consistent finding. In addition, they reported that older adults do not seem to have an in-group bias, in that they do not tend to rate members of their own group more positively than members of other groups (i.e., young persons)”. (Price and Morse, 2009). As is the case in most stereotypes many of the preconceived assumptions are erroneous or even contradictory to each other.
Most stereotyping has had very little research to verify the accuracy of the claims but are nonetheless the media markets, especially the advertising media has be quick “jump on the bandwagon” by pushing the unfounded information to the public as fact. In many case this can cause many elderly persons to believe the information, and in turn start to believe it themselves.
(Devine, 1989).

One of the drawbacks of getting older is the onset of physical and mental degeneration, more commonly referred to as getting older.


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