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Law Case: T. C. O'Neal Essay

  • Submitted by: earshadjafar
  • on February 19, 2012
  • Category: Social Issues
  • Length: 314 words

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Earshad Jafar Legal Studies
Period 8                                         January 11th, 2012        

Terry C. O’Neal is guilty in the killing of Nicole Anderson because he was not supposed to be driving in the first place to the pizzeria. In the state of New York when you have a permit you are only suppose to drive when a license driver except when they are going to school then back home and no where else. Terry went to the pizzeria somewhere he was not supposed to go. Terry O’Neal also admitted when he was speeding. The visors of the vehicle said do not make quick turns or similar maneuvers because it may cause the vehicle to roll over and he jerked the vehicle to avoid Pat Young. Also the rollover chance of his car is 38% which is 10 more than regular trucks so he should know that his actions were dangerous to himself, passengers, and others on the road. Terry once got a ticket for speeding in a 35 mph zone; the crazy part was that he was going 48 mph which is 13 mph over the limit. This shows terry is a reckless driver and should not be on the streets in a car because he would put others in danger as well. Terry was also reaching over to view his phone but when he did is when the accident occurred, he should not have been looking at the phone he was also speeding which he admitted to.   Reckless drivers cause a lot of deaths in the United States of America, according to lawcore.com 25% of accidents occur because people are on their mobile phones. Terry O’Neal should be charged with second degree manslaughter because he should’ve been paying attention to the road and following the speed limit if he was we would not have to have this tragic event occur.

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