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Law & Order Essay

  • Submitted by: rocketgirl101
  • on October 4, 2012
  • Category: Social Issues
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One prevention could be by surrounding yourself with good people. Usually a person who is around negative people would end up committing crimes. An example could be if I hung around people I know get in trouble a lot and go around and do as they please I’d end up exactly like that because that’s the only type of people I’m being surrounded by. But if I did hang around good citizens who followed the law and did well I’d end up being a good citizen. Youth nowadays all care about their social status and it’s sad because some don’t even know what that could end up becoming. The people we choose to be around impacts our day to day lives, so by knowing this person would not do you any good it would be wise to distance yourself. Some leaders surround themselves with good people. You’d think as a leader they would have to be around good people but in reality they strive for the best company. The term you are who your friends are is a great example. The people you spend your time with you end up becoming, so having good friends who want similar goals would always be the best.

Stress could be a major source of criminal motivation. By being put under a lot of stress and trying to balance it all out could lead to a lot of things. There were three major parts to a youths strain. With the first strain of not being able to complete a certain goal, that alone could trigger to major frustration, a feeling of failure, and loss of self-esteem. Even if it were something materialistic like saving up to get a car or a video game and not completing it. These factors could all lead to stress. Everyone has the strength to become a criminal in them, it just takes a certain environment to bring it beyond there reason. The problem is not the environment, but the strength of their reason (their will). People who commit crimes don’t think straight. As for people who are under a lot of stress they often don’t think straight as well. For certain people, this lack of reason could often lead...

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