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Leader's Traits and Work Performance Essay

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Below is an essay on "Leader's Traits and Work Performance" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

Introduction: For decades, people have taken great interest in leadership. Survey results showed that leadership is the most important topic in organizational behavior study (Rahim, 1981). Over 100 leadership definitions have been defined (Rost, 1991) and many studies and research on leadership style have been developed since early trait theory was published. However, no strong, consistent relationships between leader behaviors and employee work performance has ever been found (Howell et al., 1990). In my opinion, I think that leadership style does have an impact on subordinates’ performance. In this paper, I am going to look at how leader’s traits and situations affect one’s leadership style as well as leadership styles’ influence on employee’s work performance, , according to Trait Theory and Contingency Theory.

Leadership Styles and Traits Leaders’ traits take an important part in deciding their leadership style and their influence on followers. The ineffectiveness of the business may be caused by the leaders’ characteristics and personality. The leader may be too inexperienced for the position or too emotionally fragile. Studies have proved that there are traits that a successful leader often possess. House, Hanges Javidan, Dofrman and Gupta (2004) pointed out 22 characteristics that were assumed to be traits of an outstanding leader after a study of 62 different countries such as: trustworthy, decisive, intelligent, encouraging… An example of successful leader is Bill Gates (1955-). Refer to Jager and Ortiz (1997)He succeed in leading Microsoft to be the most well-known brand in computer software. He is intelligent, task oriented, aggressive and he is visionary as he could foresee the need for modern technology in the future. He is also kind-hearted and strongly supported the poor people. Another successful leader is Nelson Mandela (1918-). He is a self-reflective, deeply moral, focused and discipline. His principle is to bring fairness and justice to...

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