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Leadership and Employee Morale Essay

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Leadership and Employee Morale

Elizabeth Thrush

MT302 Organizational Behavior

I have chosen face to face with James. James work looks great but there is something deeply bothering him. As a marketing manager I have to make sure that I have the best team. If we have one that has trouble we bring us to the beginning of building a great time. In order to reach out to James I have set up a face to face meeting with him.  
I have decided to communicate with James Dion to assure him of the importance of his work, quality of his work efforts and value he brings to the team

The meeting was set up with phone call; the phone was the first communicate to let him know that there was a problem and that we need to talk about what’s going on.
Time is 9:00 am Wednesday

My self -   hello James, are you today and let me start with I do thing that your quality of work is great and you were successful in meeting the client’s goal.
James - I am ok but I do not want to be here.
I- is there anything that you are having problem with at home and here at work.
Myself -Why I asked?
James - I have so much on my plate, I feel like the walls are coming down on me. I come to work and I am the heart of the team. I never get any help planning and marketing for your team and they take all the credit. The team waits for me and never put in a 100% in to the project that we are working on. I life is falling apart my home is getting ready to be sold because I have not been able to pay the rent, I wife is really sick and my son will he is great the only happiness I have in my life is him.
Myself- How can I do to help you with these things, and what is wrong with your wife?
James- Will if you can help out with seeing that the medical that this company covers my wife bill would be a start, I got behind because of paying for her medical bills and medicine so because of that I got behind on the house and the car and everything. I have got to...

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