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Leadership Traits Born Leader Essay

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Abraham Lincoln was born with the traits I do believe. When he was 20, he became interested in law and then at 21 he had become very interested in politics. Abraham Lincoln then ran for political office that very year of 1832. When he was 23, he then announced himself as a candidate for nothing less that the state legislature. Abraham Lincoln was very determined to become something and knew how to become that leader. Abraham Lincoln was born and developed leadership traits over time and it shown within his history.

I think that Abraham Lincoln was born with an aggressive attitude and wanted to be and his self-confident attitude. He was very sociable to people around him to have achieved some many different things. Abraham Lincoln was born with his intelligence and very creative open minded, man.   I do believe that it took a very long time for Abraham Lincoln to become president because some of the leadership traits I felt he did not understand of know how to accomplish on his own.   I also believe that many did not think that he could do much if he was president but Lincoln was determined to show those that thought he was nothing.

These traits are helpful and in understanding Lincoln’s leadership because he was different in the way he handle himself as a leader. Leadership traits such as, the ones that Lincoln proposed are more accurately, the traits a leader possesses need to be relevant to the situation in which a leader is performing such as, Lincoln. In Lincoln’s being a leader, he was very effective in his working relationship with others.

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