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Leafrog Essay

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The idea came from one of the owners when his 3 years old son had difficulty in learning, and he searched for toy that is fun and teaches   but he did not find it. After that, he searched for 4 years then he made the first prototype but was too expensive. In 1995, LeapFrog established and   located in California, USA and it consider award winning educational toys, books, and games company.

Core Section
1. Draw a map of the supply chain for LeapFrog, including the retailers, Capable Toys, and suppliers of the key materials (such as Tyvek). Which supply chain partners are “upstream” of LeapFrog? Which are “downstream”? Which partners are first-tier suppliers? Second –tier suppliers?

b. Upstream refers to the operations at a firm in the initial stages of producing a good or service. As a result the upstream of LeapFrog will be their suppliers who work with them at the first stage of the chain which are: Membrane supplier, Material that drool resistant –absorb ink supplier, Microchips supplier, DuPont Co.: Tyvek supplier, Mini-speaker supplier and Capable. However, if upstream is the initial stages then downstream will be the last stages in the supply chain. The downstream of LeapFrog are their transportation, consumers and retailers for example: Wal-Mart, Toy “R” Us, Kmart and Target.
c. The first-tier supplier is a company that provides parts and materials directly to a manufacturer of goods. Therefore, the LeapForg   first-tier suppliers are Microchips supplier, DuPont Co.: Tyvek supplier and Mini-speaker supplier. On the other hand, LeapForg   second-tier suppliers are companies who supplies materials or parts to another company that then supplies them to a manufacturer which are Membrane supplier and Material that drool resistant –absorb ink supplier.
2. What data ultimately led to LeapFrog’s decision to increase production levels of the LittleTouch LeapPads? Where did these data come from? How long after interpreting these data did...

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