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Learning Disabilities Essay

  • Submitted by: Emilyadam57
  • on January 26, 2013
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Below is an essay on "Learning Disabilities" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

“Millions of American children struggle in school daily because of serious learning problems” (PBS.ORG, 2002). It is unfortunate that millions of American children are faced with serious learning problems because of a physical disability, mental disability, or a learning disability. Schools are very preoccupied with their yearly State of California Testing and they fail to meet the needs of those children that struggle with simple daily school work. It is said that out of 150 children 1 in born with Autism. That means that out of a school of a thousand students, around 10 or nine students are on the Autism Spectrum Disorder; but that doesn’t include those other children with other different disabilities. Parents, educators and mentors expect for children to learn to read, write, and solve mathematical problem; and when children fail to do this adults become alarmed. The failure for a child to pay attention is also cause for concern. Many professionals, experts, educators and parents are working together to help children with disabilities succeed in life. Like many other, PBS designed ‘Misunderstood Minds’ to help teachers and parents understand the learning process and to help them build skills to better help those children in need.  
“Paying attention refers to the brain's ability to take all of the stimuli around us, immediately categorize and organize information as relevant or irrelevant, and focus the mind on one thing” (PBS.org, 2002). The majority of human beings have a difficult time paying attention when we have so many distractions around us. Most children have a difficult time staying still and paying attention, but when they have interruptions the task becomes difficult. I took the visual and the audio interruption test and a failed both. I can imagine how much more difficult these tests would be for a child with a disability. Attention Deficit is one reason why people believe that children fail to pay attention. The focus on Attention Deficit is...

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