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Learning to Effectively Cope with Stress Essay

  • Submitted by: swebb50
  • on September 19, 2012
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Learning To Effectively Cope With Stress

Frank Rizzo
Psychology 130
Professor Robertson
December 1, 2010

    Everyone experiences some sort of stress in their lives on a daily basis.   Stressors, both big and small, take their toll on us both physically and emotionally.   In fact there is one such scale called the Social Readjustment Scale, (SRRS) which measures stress by assigning a point value to different life events.   According to the SRRS, my life stress score totaled over three hundred points.   According to the scale, I have a fifty percent chance of becoming ill within the next two years.   This has made me think of how quickly the stressors in my life can add up and wonder how I can reduce or eliminate these stressors.  
    There are different types of stressors in our lives.   There are the major life events that happen and then there are all the other little problems, frustrations, and hassles.   These hassles can include such things as dealing with rush hour traffic, fixing a leaky faucet, or disputing a utility bill.   Richard Lazarus, a psychologist, believed that these daily hassles or little stressors cause more stress than the major life events (S. Wood, E. Wood, and Boyd, 2008).   However, uplifts and positive experiences in life can help neutralize or relieve some of our stress (Wood, et al., 2008).   In my life some of the ways that I am affected by stress are conflicts between choices and the degree to which I feel control, stress in the workplace, and the daily hassles in my life.   However I am learning to respond to stress in positive ways.   I am learning to use coping strategies to help manage my stress.   These coping strategies include problem focused coping, emotion focused coping, and proactive coping.  
    In my daily life I am faced with a myriad of choices.   Some people say that having different choices brings them freedom.   I think that this is true; however, choosing between two...

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