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Led Lab Report

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Lab Report

The main purpose of this lab was to get a hands-on experience of LED and their properties. A diode is a semiconductor that allows electric current to flow only in one direction and blocks electricity in the opposite direction. LED meaning Light Emitting Diodes is a type of diode that is forward biased or pushes electrons to a lower energy. In this lab, we observe the properties of LEDs using a 9V battery.

1. Exploring the LED Color Strip
◦ We connected the LED Color Strip to the battery.   We touch the LED lights and we felt no heat come from them.   Next, we connected the incandescent bulb and after 5 seconds it began to generate heat.
◦ Next, we needed to look at the LED in a remote control, but due to the fact that the project didn’t come with a remote control and a Infrared Radiation Detector we could not complete steps 3 through 6.
1. Observing Diode Behavior
◦ First, we connected the LED Color Strip and all of the lights came on except for the last light on the end (which is the IR LED ).   Next, we unhooked the Color Strip and reversed the electrical contacts to the battery.   The LEDs did not come on.  
◦ Then, we touched the leads of the small incandescent bulb to the positive and negative terminals of the battery; the bulb came on.   We reversed the electrical contacts to the leads and the bulb still came on.
1. Determining the Relative Wavelengths of Light
◦ One of group members, standing approximately 1 meter away from the other partner, positioned the LED Color Strip vertically while it was connected to the battery.   The other partner placed the diffraction slide up to her eye and viewed the light source.   We then drew out what the diffraction grating looked like.
1. Determining the Wavelengths of Light Quantitatively
2. Determining the Relative Energies of Colors Using a Capacitor
◦ First we connected the LED Color Strip to the battery.   Next we disconnected the Color Strip from the battery and...

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