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Legalize It (Marijuana) Essay

  • Submitted by: culprit
  • on November 13, 2012
  • Category: Social Issues
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Legalize It
Marijuana also known as cannabis, has been deemed an illegal substance since the twentieth century, however there has been a strong push to legalize this drug in the United States as of recent.   The main push for legalization stems from supporters that believe in medical marijuana use.   Some states such as Montana and New Mexico allow medical marijuana use but are in the process of repealing the law, whereas California passed proposition 215 in 1996, which allows the use of medical marijuana.   California just recently added a new proposition to the ballets (Prop 19), which would have legalized the growth and possession of the substance while also allowing the government to be able to tax and regulate its use.   Advocates for prop 19 say that it would generate tax income, and save precious law enforcement and prison resources.   There are 15 states that have legalized marijuana for medical use, all of which require a recommendation from a physician.   Even though state propositions have passed, Attorney General Eric Holder still insists that growing and selling marijuana is still in federal violation and can be subject to penalty.   Sellers of medical marijuana form collectives and cooperatives which help in the process of proving a non-profit status, which is necessary in most states that allow usage. As more states are legalizing marijuana, more people are trying to erase the tarnished name of the drug by franchising dispensaries, building name brands, establishing consulting groups, and setting up trade shows.   This opens the door for more marijuana based job opportunities and relations around the country.   Legalization of marijuana can have a beneficial impact on the medical field, the economy, and our judicial system if planned out properly.  
The largest population of legalization advocates comes from the medical standpoint, and with good reason.   Marijuana research is one of the fastest moving fields of medical science, and with that being said,...

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