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Lesson Planning for Young Learners Essay

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  • on January 26, 2013
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Below is an essay on "Lesson Planning for Young Learners" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

Learning   domestic animals and wild animals
Materials required:
1. Domestic animals chart
2. Wild animals chart
3. Domestic animals flash cards
4. Wild animals flash cards
5. Domestic and Wild animals coloring   books
6. Crayons in sets
7. Outline of Domestic animals (not colored)
8. Outline of Wild animals (not colored)
9. Wax figure for both Domestic and Wild animals
10. Pencils and Erasers
The utility of the materials used:
1. Charts of animals are used to give them a rough look of the animals.
2. Flash cards are given to recognize the animals.
3. Pencils are given to strengthen their fingers and make them more flexible.
4. Coloring books are given to make them more familiar with the animal names and sketch.
5. Sketch of the animals are used make children to learn the color and structure of animals.

The project in detail:

The age group:
4 to 6 years old children.
Duration of the project:
3 weeks 2 days (17 days) Considering 5 days a week.
• Day 1:
o The chart of domestic animals is shown.   For example show them cow, should give a good description about cow. Say them cow is a big animal it is brown, white, and black in color. It gives milk for us. It lives in a farm or manmade shed. It sounds moo, moo.
• Day 2:
o Introduce horse and show them the picture of it. Tell them it lives in a farm, it runs fast. Its color is white, black and brown. Horse helps human beings to carry heavy goods.
• Day 3:
o Introduce more domestic animals like chicken, goat, etc… Describe that animals like cows, buffaloes, horses, donkeys and camels work for us. Some animals give us eggs, milk etc. These animals are called domestic animals.
• Day 4:
o Show some related pictures about the farm animal’s activities. Show them egg and milk giving animals.
• Day 5:
o Recapitulate all points and descriptions done for the past four days using flash cards. Show them the wax figures of all domestic animals and allow them to touch and feel it....

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