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Lessons Through Short Stories Essay

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  • on September 18, 2012
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Lessons through Short stories
        Understanding stories is a difficult task. Identifying morals and lesson can be even harder. Short stories are easy to comprehend and relate to. Having examples of everyday themes can help people change and get another perspective on life. Lessons on trust and deception, love and maturity, and poverty and obedience support these ideas.
        In his short story, “A Problem,” Russian writer Anton Chekhov calls attention on the unbarring feeling of trust and deception. Main character, Sasha Uskov, disappoints his family yet again. He cashed at a bank a false promissory note or IOU. Being now over twenty years old, his relatives expect more out of him.   Sasha was a poor young boy. He was without a home and family which lead him to live in an orphanage. Though his past was faulty, his uncles expect him to live above his past. T

Danish writer, Isak Denison’s short story, “The Ring” focuses on the challenges of gaining maturity in a complex world while going through hardships with her beloved. Lise, the main character, goes through a rough time with her husband, Sigismund. They are newly weds. They live swell together with Sigismund’s Cotswold rams. Lise, before Sigismund, was well taken care of. She was taken away from struggles in life. A ram thief and murderer invades while their sheep was asleep. When Lise’s anger flairs when Sigismund has pity on the, “Poor Devil” (Denison 885) , she takes the long route home. She encounters the same thief and descries in astonishment: “She took him in in one single glance. His face was bruised and scratched, his hands and wrists stained with dark filth. He was dressed in rags, barefooted, with tatters wound round his naked ankles” (886). The handkerchief   she dropped symbolizes her innocence, which the thief snatched right from under her. It had now formed a cover for his dagger. Thinking he wanted more she gave away her wedding ring. The thief paid it no attention and...

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