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Letter to Hs Student from College Student About Differences

  • Submitted by: abbyc57
  • on November 12, 2012
  • Category: English
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Does college seem distant and maybe similar to high school? The changes may surprise you. Though you may have done well in high school, college classes could prove difficult. A solid high school English class is good preparation for college, although the expectations are much higher.
Professors will not babysit you. It is imperative that you prepare, show up, and take responsibility for your classes. Teachers may not take roll or call your parents if your paper is not finished, but there are still consequences to these actions. Your college education is a massive investment and throwing that away is irresponsible and unwise.
In college, there will be more papers. You will write, write, write, and write again; especially in English and even in classes you wouldn’t expect to. Prepare for this now by doing your best on any papers you are assigned and ask for feedback from your teachers. If they give you criticism, take it and use it to make your writing stronger. A harsh wakeup call will await you in college if you do not apply yourself now.
You will need to find a brainstorming method that works for you and put it into practice. Once you have done this and have a general topic and sub points, you can write an outline or plunge right into your rough draft. If you are not used to writing multiple drafts and revising constantly, I suggest you start now. With multiple drafts, you are able to improve your papers. It is best to step away from your paper and work in time increments. As someone who gets distracted easily I usually work for twenty minutes to a half hour on one thing and then move on to something else. Write. Take some time off, and as you come back, write again, editing and adding more relevant information and cutting the useless bits. Sometimes, when you step away from a project, you come back and have a whole new perspective, able to make it even better. This is how your new writing process will be.
This will be the first of many drafts and you will...

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