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Life Essay

  • Submitted by: anonymous
  • on November 13, 2012
  • Category: Psychology
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The Meaning of Life
When we think of life we usually think of us going to school, making friends, working and then eventually form a family then die. However, is that really what living means? Is that how to be alive means? To wake up every day just to repeat what you did yesterday with minimum divergence is not living life. I do not believe we were born or create just to do such mundane things every day; I believe there is simply no meaning to life. As humans, we have questioned life ever since ancient times but had never came up with a definite answer. Do live to gain knowledge and aim for the highest good or do we live to die and that there is actually no meaning in living?
Since ancient times philosophers from all over the world has been questioning our existence and what our goal would be. Plato believed “We always act with a view to some good. The good is the object which all pursue, and for the sake of which they always act.” Plato believes we live with the highest good as our goal and to obtain the highest good, we must practice virtue and acquire knowledge. Even in the most savage conditions, men can attain virtue; however, in order to gain such virtues, they must first be intelligent and educated. Plato believes that if we lived our lives educated and with virtues we have lived. That might be the case back in ancient Greece but in modern days, just knowledge and virtues is not enough to make us feel like we lived or lived a happy life. One can be virtuous and knowledgeable but is struggling to support his family or just himself for that matter. What is the point of obtaining the highest good if it cannot feed us or provide us with shelter? One might argue that with intelligence work can easily be obtained and a lot of the problems would be solved. However, in our modern day society, there are many others who are just as intelligent as you and might be even more qualified to gain that job. Any other method to gain daily necessities might conflict with...

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