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Life Essay

  • Submitted by: Eagle2013
  • on October 18, 2013
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What are assumptions? How do you think assumptions might interfere with critical thinking? What might you do to avoid making assumptions in your thinking?
  * What are assumption you may ask, it is the act of assuming or knowing of something that is either bought up or mention. There is a quote I learned growing up as a child and that is “Don’t Judge A Book By Its Color”, meaning don’t assume the least of someone because of the way they look or care themselves. When we are using critical thinking, we need to take any assumptions that we have and the question them as we are trying to substantiate them or unsubstantiated them. We need to make sure that we are well aware of a inferences is and how it relates to the whole process. There are a few things that we need to make sure that we avoid on making assumption in our thinking. First is thinking we know the answer or just know everything. We have to remember to stay open minded and not just close the door on a idea because you don’t like the issue. Another thing we need to do is wait until we have collected and examined all the determine facts that are given.

What are fallacies? How are fallacies used in written, oral, and visual arguments? What might you do to avoid fallacies in your thinking?
Fallacies are typically things that we think to be true, but in reality they are not true (easy to make intellectual mistake). Fallacies in critical thinking normally occur in arguments, in a logic argument is the giving of the reasons called the premises which supports the claim. Assumption tend to interfere with critical thinking because we do not think to stop and think about the issue. The assumption that we have tend to take over, and we don’t stop and look at the situation in front of us. We uses fallacies in written, oral, and visual arguments when we are using different approaches to try and sway that person to one way of thinking or the other. Examples of some fallacies that we see...

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