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Life as a Movie Star Essay

  • Submitted by: kanishkshekhar
  • on October 6, 2012
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As I opened my eyes everything seemed kind of fuzzy. I rubbed my eyes with my fist to get a comparatively clear vision. I had been drooling and I could feel my head throbbing with pain. I was lying on the floor beside my swimming pool in an attire meant for socializing. Yeah right, the party. The party yesterday night I had at my place. All the booze had given me a hangover. Celebs are human too. They too get hangovers. I took a quick glance at my wrist watch which revealed the time to be 9am. I cursed under my breath, and ran into the house.
I yelled at my butler to make the driver get one of the cars ready. I was late for a photo shoot for a well-known magazine. I didn’t want to make an impression of that of a fussy movie-star who has entered the world of showbiz just because his father was an outstanding actor in his times. I had to be there by 9am, but I reached the place half an hour late. No one raised a finger on my lack of punctuality because of my parentage; this I did not like. I came out of the make-up van and I was briefed about how and what I was required to do. It was a topless photo-shoot and all those hours of rigorous workout spent in the gym came handy at last. I flaunted my body with utmost confidence and the people over there were pretty impressed. I made friends with the photographer and the guy doing all the editing work on the sets of the studio. It felt good, but the hectic schedule forced me to move on.
I had to do the inauguration of a posh country club in the suburbs of Ville Parle, an area in Bombay, and also attend the post inaugural party. This consumed the whole of my afternoon. My father had warned me before that the life of a celebrity does not have many pages that include the words ‘Siesta’. And I had gotten used to not having afternoon naps a long time ago. I met many people at the party. Many aspiring actors. Many accomplished actors. Many struggling actors. And most of them gave me a sick feeling that I am what I am today,...

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