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Life Lessons Essay

  • Submitted by: bulldogbacker71
  • on November 13, 2012
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We all go through hard times in life and learn lessons. Some people can only seem to learn lessons the heard way by failing terribly and have to start from scratch while others can just simply g through life and realize what’s best for them and what the best choices are for them. I unfortunately am not one of those people. I usually have to what until I am almost too deep in the bad end and save my self last minute. Last year I had a moment where I was too deep and couldn’t save my self and learned valuable lessons in a very very hard way.
I started my college career at Gainesville University. I was excited for this new endeavor and being in the college life. I was just like any other freshmen, excited for the new freedom and time but scared of the work load. I started my first day and went through didn’t miss or go to a wrong room thought which in my opinion was successful. Through out that week I steadily go to classes and never miss a beat do homework as soon as get out of class.
Three weeks later I start getting I a rhythm of the classes I start to figure out that I can skip class and teachers do not care. So I slowly start missing more and more school but still doing my homework. As that proceeds I see my test grades start dropping to c’s which in my mind was no big deal I was still passing so I was ok. Then I start to figure out that I don’t really have to do homework they don’t care if I do that either, so I stop doing homework and start just studding and skipping class thinking I am ok. Then the finally comes so I think I am all big and bad and ready for this final I have been studying all semester I will be ok plenty of other people in my class are doing this. I do all my finals for my class thinking I had it and figured college out and everything that that was a breeze.
During Christmas break they emailed me that grades had been posted and to set a meeting with your instructor to talk about the results and set a schedule next...

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