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Life of Pi Essay

  • Submitted by: ramanjie
  • on November 12, 2012
  • Category: Shakespeare
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  In Yann Martel’s Life of Pi, Martel uses the animals to show Pi’s spiritual side. He does so by bringing out pi’s inner animal, he shows the reader that we are all like animals and pi believe in himself more, animals represent a pure, spiritual side to life—they are simple creatures, untainted by man’s flaws.

Raised in a zoo area with his family, Pi grows up loving animals. It’s very great how god is watching over Pi on this trip as Pi watches over the animals at this trip, showing his spiritual side. Pi went on this journey one day where he was stranded on a boat and he was only with animals and although he got along with all the like the orangutan, he sees the orangutan as his mother, and the hyena who he sees as the cook because he would mostly provide the food. It was the tiger, Richard parker he created a very special bond with. They became best friends and Pi started acting like him, He would walk like him and eat everything he eats.   In order for Pi to survive this journey; he has to change some of his lifestyles. For example, he had to be a non vegan and he started eating all the foods that the animals on the boat were eating which were other animals and he became best friends with a tiger, who his dad told him to stay away from and pi has always being the one to always obey his father.   Pi and these animals go on a very interesting journey. In conclusion Martel clearly attempts to describe how great animals can be once you get to know them and that they are not all bad when you meet them and show them that you care.

Likewise in Where The Wild Things Are, Jonze uses animals to show Max’s inner, more civilized side. Max was always angry at home but when he goes on this journey with these strange animals, he acts more calmed and civilized, he’s not always being mad when he’s with them. max also goes on a journey and creates a very special bond with the animals because he has a lot of anger in him that he needs to get out and the animals...

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