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Life Review

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  • on January 24, 2013
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Academy of health professions


8 October 2012

Life Review number one

      For my first life review I chose to interview my grandmother because I feel that she had a relatively interesting childhood and has had some experiences that she could share with me. Also I thought that it would be helpful that she is very easy to talk to and has good communication skills.

      My grandmother’s name is Nancy; she is sixty-seven years old. She was born in raised in Maryland. She grew up on a huge farm and later moved into the city. She was one of five children, three brothers and one sister, her being the middle child. Her dad was a truck driver and worked overnight. Her mother did not work at all she pretty raised all five children with little help. Other then her dad not being home often she had a very close knit family and got along very well with them. She had children at a young age. She had three boys one being my dad. She lives with our family and has for three years. She is a very family oriented woman and loves to watch her grandchildren participate in each ones sport or extra curricular activity. Her youngest son was killed in an automobile accident at the age of nineteen. She was married four times and divorced four times. Her first job was at port city press, a book printing company. She worked for a while until her youngest son was killed and then didn’t work for three and a half years. She then started working at shoppers’ grocery store and has been there for fifteen years. She is not yet retired but is planning to do so soon.

    My grandmother had many childhood stories to share with me. First, as a child living in the farm it was her job to feed the chickens every single day. She loved to do it and looked forward to doing it everyday until they got a goose and the goose wasn’t exactly fond of my grandmother. It would chase her and bite her ankles every time she went to feed the chickens. Next, they had two pigs and one day my...

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