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Life’s Inevitable Conclusion Essay

  • Submitted by: mrhoads
  • on November 12, 2012
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Below is an essay on "Life’s Inevitable Conclusion" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

In a flash, life is gone. One is not entitled to it, but rather, life is a privilege.   In Virginia Woolf’s essay The Death of the Moth, Woolf effectively argues that one cannot avoid death and that life’s fragility is often overlooked.   Woolf’s essay structure, varied yet deliberate syntax, thoughtful diction, and other rhetorical strategies further prove her argument.  
Woolf supports her argument that death is an unavoidable force by portraying life’s universal beginning and end with her essay’s structure. Just as every essay has an introduction and conclusion, every life has a birth and a death.   Every essay has different body paragraphs (pertaining to the essay’s subject); similar to how every life plays out uniquely. In this way, Woolf’s paragraphs each serve to represent a phase of life.   The beginning paragraphs describe a “pleasant morning,” followed by the second paragraph which illustrates “possibilities of pleasure” which seem “so enormous and so various.”   Life unfolds to reveal its endless opportunities.   The essay continues to flow through the stages of life, leading to the inevitable end: the conclusion, which in this case is the moth’s death.   Woolf proves life’s inevitability by explaining the moth’s death as her conclusion, mirroring the fact that every essay must come to a close, and every life must come to an end.  
Throughout the essay, Woolf illustrates the force of death. With deliberate syntax, Woolf shows the strength of this force, and how it grows as the essay progresses.   The essay begins with elegant, flowing sentences but just as death approaches, the sentences become choppy.   Suddenly the beautiful scene vanishes, the birds disappeared and “the horses stood still.”   The awkwardness and somewhat incomplete nature of the sentences show that the struggle towards death is an overarching influence, and the force of death is so powerful that even when a seemingly insignificant moth is dying, the world is changed.   Woolf also personifies...

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