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Lightining Bolts Essay

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Lightning is nothing more than a huge spark created when electrons "jump" between clouds or between the earth and the clouds.
The atmosphere is always in a state of electrical charge.
Normally the atmospheric electrical charge is harmless. It is only when very large clouds form and they produce intense rain that a huge (and dangerous) electrical charge accumulates in the clouds. The accumulated atmospheric charge undergoes and electron "avalanche" which manifests itself as lightning.
Inflate three balloons, colours are optional. Attach each balloon to a silk or nylon (electrically insulating) thread, each about 1.5m long.
The three loose ends should be attached to the classroom ceiling at a single point. In their uncharged state the balloons will hang more or les straight down.

Rub each balloon vigorously with a piece of fur to give it an electrical charge.
Once each balloon has been charged turn they will repel each other. This will cause them to separate at the ends of their support strings as shown in the figure to the left.

If the air in the classroom is dry the balloons will remain charged for several minutes or more.

The demonstration (part 1)
Bring a metal rod with a conductive ball one up to the cluster of balloons. An aluminum or copper rod with a discarded door knob attached to the end works well.
The cluster of balloons has a positive charge. The metal rod held in your hand is a virtually infinite source of negative charges.

Little change will be noted in the configuration of the balloons.

The demonstration (part 2)
Turn the rod around and put the pointed end in the same position as before. Now the cluster of balloons will fall together dramatically.
When the rod is removed the balloons will once again separate.

Repeat the procedure several times.


For reasons involving electrostatic forces, electrical charges tend...

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