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Like Father Like Daughter Essay

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  • on November 13, 2012
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Like Father Like Daughter

Interpretation is seen through the eyes, mind, and sub-conscience; but is comprehended differently through each person. This is a veracity Codi Noline and her father Doc Homer had learned a little more of each day since Codi had come back to her hometown of Grace, Arizona. Codi's return to her hometown is not the lighthearted arrival one would expect from a well known member of the community of her past, but the return of one who so desperately longs to fit in somewhere. Codi’s search for a sense of purpose and belonging mirrors that of her father’s past, who too, forlornly needed to find significance and motive in his life. Even with a yearning to belong, Doc Homer always attempted to be objective and maintain himself at a distance from his surroundings; much like Codi upon her first weeks of arrival. Both father and daughter encounter emotional progress involving past and present experiences regarding their relationship with one another in terms of communication, their role in the community, and the acceptance of that role into the town’s future (fertility). In the novel Animal Dreams by Barbara Kingsolver, father Homer Noline and daughter Codi Noline have a difficult dynamic relationship in which they both intentionally close off their emotions by repudiating and secluding themselves from each other and reality to later discover their purpose and meaning in life.
Initially, Doc Homer and Codi Noline share distance and a fear of solicitude for anyone, anything, and each other creating the inability to communicate with one another in their father-daughter relationship. Two years prior to Codi’s arrival in Grace, Codi had already been informed that her father, Doc Homer, had been diagnosed with Alzheimer's. During Codi’s upbringing, Doc already had difficulties communicating as a father with his eldest daughter. Now, Doc is diagnosed with a disease that affects the memory as well the capacity to communicate. This disease...

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